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about sdg

sdg structural engineers are known for offering technically sound building solutions that work with the vision of both architects and owners.  Our industry knowledge and contacts allow us to help provide both creative and cost effective solutions to design challenges that may arise during the planning and building of your next project.   While we do offer traditional structural engineering services please visit our services link to explore other areas in which we have experience.

We pride ourselves on our level of service that spans from the design/conceptual phase through the end of construction.  Being responsive to the needs of both the architect and general contractor during the construction phase allow projects to move along in a timely and cost effective manner.  Our services include the design of steel connections, stairs, rails and light gage framing.  We will not leave the owner/contractor looking to employ other structural engineers to help complete their project.  We strive to provide quick turnaround during the approval process so as not to hinder the project schedule.

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