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Student Lutheran Chapel

Lutheran Chapel 3

Originally constructed in 1950 and expanded in 1971, this endeavor involved a complete transformation that revitalized the aging and traditionally structured church edifice, rendering it a versatile establishment suitable for a wide array of functions. The Sanctuary, previously featuring a sloped floor, was reconfigured into a level surface, and the entire area underwent remodeling to accommodate various activities, including worship services, weddings, parties, and an assortment of large events. An enhanced audiovisual system, featuring expansive displays on multiple walls, easily accommodates different forms of worship, educational sessions, and community outreach events.

A fresh entrance was thoughtfully placed, aligning with the central axis of the building, thus creating a seamless connection between the common areas and kitchen, extending from the parking lot through the facility to Centennial Mall. This outdoor space has now become a favored gathering spot for students. Inside the building, several spaces conducive to student needs were established, enhancing the role of the sanctuary as a welcoming entrance and facilitating congregational gatherings, as well as smaller group meetings or focused study sessions in more intimate, specialized areas.

Furthermore, the project introduced brand-new office spaces and educational classrooms within the facility, thereby enhancing its functionality. The exterior received a renewal through the incorporation of modern building materials, while the interior design was tailored to align with the preferences of the student population.



Size : 16121 sq m
Location : New York United States
Creative Director : Anozu Joe
Project start : 2015 June
Project finish : 2016 August
Value : $40m.

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