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Veterans Tribute at University of Lincoln Nebraska

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and larger Nebraska community continues to honor veterans, military service members, and military families with this Veterans’ Tribute. Running along Memorial Mall outside the Pershing Military and Naval Science building, this area serves as a tribute to those willing to sacrifice for something larger than themselves and a space to reflect on all that their courage affords us.

“This is not a memorial, but rather a constant reminder of the heroes who walk among us, a tribute to the men and women from our community willing to sacrifice for something larger than themselves. And what better place for it to rest than at the heart and core of the UNL community” – John Hilgert, ‘86 Captain, U.S. Army, 1989-92

A Permanent Reminder in a Prominent Space

The 20 glass panels installed in the space include quotes depicting the lives of veterans, service members and their families. Inspired by the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial in Washington, DC., these 57 quotes – submitted anonymously – are divided into themes of Service, Camaraderie, Honor, Courage, Integrity, and Sacrifice. The panels are intended to illustrate the multiple facets of a service member’s life, including the importance of family, faith and camaraderie, while also depicting the personal sacrifice that military service entails.

the result

Final Result

The themes on the glass panels complement the words engraved on the steps, which reflect on what it means to serve. The V-shaped Chevron pattern, seen on the pavers as you walk through the Tribute, are the one unifying symbol for all branches of the military.

Trees, seating and landscaping create a serene environment for reflection and remembrance.

The Tribute also features a new Veterans’ Tribute Flag Plaza, made possible by the generous donation of the Fred and Sally Bekins Foundation.

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